Publikoval: Jana | október 15, 2006

The Cozy Inn & Lakeview House

I told you that I would like to go to the USA again. So I called with my next employer Dyan and I can come:) Yahooo. I don´t know if you know my (ex) next job…I am going to work to the Cozy Inn. The Cozy Inn is localited near superb lake Winnepesaukee. The exact address is: 12 Maple Street, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire.

View from Lakeview

View on lake Winnipesaukee from Lakeview House




View on cottages


Cozy Inn

These Inns are very cozy:) and you meet very friendly people:) It isn´t advertising for this Inns:)) Only I love these Inns and I’m enjoying there. Ouh, I want there:) The area is so charming, quiet (except Bike Week, 4th July, Labour day) and nice people. You find these views:


The Prescott farm on the Oak Hill


Franconia – White Mountains




Horses on the Oak Hill


If you want more informations about Cozy Inn:


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