Publikoval: Jana | november 3, 2006

The first snow…

It is so great…if you asked yourself what is so great, my answear is – the first snow. Yeah, we have a snow. I love snow and winter time. I love when I wake up from hot bed to chilly kitchen:) I love my gloves, scarf, winter cap and my winter wind-cheater. I am like snowman:)) This is so great time for candle lights, good books, good music (I love english carols), hot tea and walking in snowy forest. Sometimes when we have a time we visit the house of my grandmother and set on fire in  our fire-place:)) and listen old records… My dog loves winter too. She loves when she can yap on snow, she  plays with snow… And I love the sound of my steps when I am walking. I know that it is a bad time for animals. I saw some roe-does, yardbirds and hares last year. I am really  prying if we´ll so cold winter like last year. We had -21 celsius and a lot of snow.  We´ll a -8 celsius on Saturday:) I know that it is only November but I like chilly weather (no -21 celsius – it is crazy frost).



candle-light of Betlehem:)



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