Publikoval: Jana | december 10, 2006

My grandparents…

StarkáMy grandmother – Viera Verná – passed away last month. She was born on 11th July 1930 and she died 25th November 2006. She was very sick, but you know because I was written about her sickness. She had two children and three grandchildren.  And who was my granny?

Ján a Viera VernýI couldn´t talking about her without  memory on my grandfather and great-grandmother.  They were so warm-hearted people. They brought me up…when my parents worked in companies, they spent time with me and my brother. My granny was very friendly and helpfull person and she was a very good kitchener too:) Her parents – Františka (Fanny) and Štefan Shkopik were nice people too.  My great-grandfather with his wife (Fanny) done revolt during 2nd World War (1939-1945) so when I was child, my great-grandmother told me about war.  Mygrandfather – Ján Verný – was very friendly, intelligent, helpfull, fairly-minded person… He started visit the University when he was 70 years old.  I haven´t words for their describing… Some of us met my grandmother and I hope that you liked her, because she loved you very much.  They passed away but they stay with me, in my heart all my life. And I´ll talk about them my next kids and my next husband…


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