Publikoval: Jana | január 27, 2007

The room of my dream…

We have a little house in our town. The town called Žilina. You know my town – it is nice town and mainly in the winter:) My grandparents are passed away and we would like to move there. But this house is very old and we must reconstruct it. It will be a lot of money but I believe that we´ll the money for that. Our plans are so amazing… The house´ll be so beautifull with big glorious garden with flowers and three.  And my parents told me that I´ll be live on the second floor!!! I´ll have a bathroom, kitchen and two rooms. I am so excited… I can getting married:))) Just kidding.  Now I am dreaming about my new “flat”. I found on the net program for design of my rooms. I love this program. You can see 3D room with your furnishings (pl) and supplements. I hope that I´ll find some good job:) I would like to stay here with my parents, sisters and with my church!  I know that I sometimes grumble about people in Slovakia, about politics and mainly my school. But sometimes, now I have town when I love this place. O.k you know that I love Weirs Beach but now I have so great time that I would like to stay here.  And I am so happy that I have many dreams: job, travel to Canada and Brazilia, USA… Who knows where I stay live:) Maybe in Manchester, London, Paris, Prague, Montreal, Weirs Beach:))  I want to stay there where is my place. And my place is there where is God. See you later


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