Publikoval: Jana | máj 11, 2007


My dog called Asta. She was born 24 February 1995 in Zilina so now she has 12 years:) Yes, she is so old:) She is senior… You know that I love her, she is like my baby, my child:)  She has a lot of nicknames: Asta, Lucinka Pusinka, Maťo, Kotlik, Pasatko, Astus and etc.  And why I write about her? I am sad… We were at the vet (very good vet) and he told us what we were thinking about: she has carcinomas so she has a cancer:( Maybe she´ll live a few months or maybe some years:)) I and my mum talked about her and our resolution is: when she feel worse – bleeding, ache (throes) etc. we are going to vet again and she passed away:( She is old and we had a beautiful time with her and I know that we have a good time with her now. So we are happy that she is here in this time… Her photos are attached below:



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