Publikoval: Jana | máj 29, 2007

Work and travel

Only a couple week and I fly to the USA. Ouh my God. Why do you travel to USA? My answer is very simple. I am going to work there. I was planning my summer 2007 from September 5th 2006. Or maybe earlier? Yes:) I remember that I wrote to Cozy Inn Guest book that I come back in year 2007:) And now I come back – I can say: come back home:) I filled in many applications and one months ago I received a visa:)) So I fly June 10th – it will be a long, long trip while I come to Weirs Beach. I must travel to Prague (7 hours) by train, Prague-Boston by plane (18 hours – with break in Paris) and then 3 hours by bus to Meredith:))) Please, pray for my travel to USA: for my luggage, my plane, my tickets…Thanks. But I´m enjoying there. I like my jobs. My first job is housekeeping in Cozy Inn and second job is in Logs of Fun…. I come to Weirs Beach in “bike week time”. I am so excited – I see Dyan, Joe, Nicole, Mike 🙂 and my lake, my lovely place, Misty, Hunter, “Ferdinanda” (duckies – I called them Ferdinand:)), my room – room 8. I´m looking forward to Cristina and my new colleague – Ioun. And other kids from Lakeview house. I have just been wondering , whether the “purple princess” exist. Do you remember on it? It is vacuum cleaner:))) And after 3 months I am going to travel to Canada. Yahoo. I see my dream island – Prince Edward Island and I´ll visit the Green Gables, Summerside (yes Didi, I have a camera:) ) and then I am going to Halifax, Moncton, Ottawa and Montreal. I always dream about PEI, Halifax but I didn´t know that I´ll rejoice that I am going to Montreal and Ottawa. It was only cities…. but some years ago I met two great people from Montreal and Ottawa and they told me and show me so royal pictures… . I´m glad that I meet them again:)


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