Publikoval: Jana | jún 5, 2007

Weirs Beach

Okey, some people asked me where am I going? O.k I am going to amazing “little town”:) Weirs Beach. How can you get here?

1. by car: From Route 93 North in Concord, take Exit 15E to Route 393 East. In about 3 miles exit to Route 106 North. In about 10 miles you’ll pass the speedway. In about another ten miles, while descending a hill you’ll pass some car dealerships. Near the bottom of that hill take a right, joining Route 3 north onto the Laconia Bypass highway. (Or instead, continue straight ahead to downtown Laconia, where there are a wide variety of fine shops and restaurants.) Stay on route 3 north the rest of the way to Weirs Beach. When the bypass highway ends, bear right. In about a mile, immediately after the Gilford Mobil Mart on the right, take a right. Follow Weirs Boulevard for 3 miles along Paugus Bay to Weirs Beach.

2. by bus: From South Station, in Boston, MA, take the Concord Coach bus to Meredith. The bus stop in Meredith is at the Irving Bluecanoe. Boston departure/Meredith arrival
10:00 AM/12:25 PM
5:15 PM /7:30 PM

More information on web site:


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